Escape Game Ribbon Maze, Big Funny. Moscow.
Escape Game Ribbon Maze, Big Funny. Moscow.
Escape Game Ribbon Maze, Big Funny. Moscow.

Escape Game Ribbon Maze

8,3 — total ranking
8,7 — immersion
8,3 — gameplay
7,3 — quality
8,7 — service
3 — reviews
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Price 300 ₽ per player
Difficulty level Intermediate

About the game Ribbon Maze

Find yourself within a kaleidoscope of the Ribbon Maze. You won’t find traditional marks like rooms and passages here, which usually help you to get out of the labyrinth. The walls, the floor and the ceiling – there is no way to tell the transition between them. Complex passages of bright ribbons make you feel like in endless, weightless open space!

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Address escape game Ribbon Maze

Moscow, 15/1 Novy Arbat St.(18+), VDNKh, Prospekt Mira, 119, Pavilion No. 55
Underground station
  • Smolenskaya (Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya liniya)
+7 (495) ... Show phone number

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