Escape Game 7 Mysteries of the Pharaoh, QuestReality. Moscow.
Escape Game 7 Mysteries of the Pharaoh, QuestReality. Moscow.
Escape Game 7 Mysteries of the Pharaoh, QuestReality. Moscow.

Escape Game 7 Mysteries of the Pharaoh

9,0 — total ranking
9,7 — immersion
9,0 — gameplay
8,0 — quality
9,3 — service
3 — reviews
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Players 2—6 players
Age Age restriction 14+ 8+ with parents
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 3500—4500 ₽ for 2—4 players
Difficulty level Advanced

About the game 7 Mysteries of the Pharaoh

When a heavy door slams behind you, you will find yourself in the dark depths of history. 7 Mysteries of the Pharaoh is an adventure in the ambiance of Ancient Egypt. You are adventure seekers who found the Secret Chamber — a room full of peculiar riddles, puzzles and coded writings in which priests were taking their final exam to get the highest rank called Ur. If you fail to solve all puzzles and unveil the old mysteries you'll be trapped and will never see the Sun again!

Photos escape game 7 Mysteries of the Pharaoh

Story escape game 7 Mysteries of the Pharaoh

525 BC. Egypt, the last independent state of the ancient world, was conquered by the Persians. Cambyses II, the son of Cyrus, has already described himself as a new pharaoh, but he has no power over the wisdom of the conquered country, the priests have hidden the Secret Chamber from the enemies. 
The Secret Room was the last exam in the path of the priest to the highest rank - Ur, "high, sublime". Only one in a hundred passed the test, which was to solve all the riddles, to find a way out of it. 
This room was not only an incorruptible pass to the dignity of Ur, but also a treasure trove of knowledge. Scrolls with prescription potions, drawings of unprecedented devices would enrich anyone to whom they fell into the hands. 
Cambyses II sent in search of Ur Rah, the Guardian of the Secret Chamber, the last medium of the dignity, the hundred best warriors. The three most cunning ones hunted down the priest on the threshold of the Secret Chamber and burst in after him, but they could not get out. 
And now, after thousands of years, the seekers of treasures and adventures accidentally stepped outside its threshold. The door of the Secret Chamber slammed shut, and now, to get out to the sunlight, you need to go through Ur and unravel all the mysteries of the pharaoh.


Address escape game 7 Mysteries of the Pharaoh

Moscow, pr-t. Mira, 79
Underground station
  • Rizhskaya
+7 (495) ... Show phone number

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