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Here we have gathered all Moscow escape games that are suitable for English speakers. Moscow’s escape rooms are definitely a “must” if you are a fan of this kind of entertainment. There are many options for all tastes and skill levels, from beginners to highly experienced players. You’ll find a variety of themes — historical, military, sci-fi, detective, fantasy and even steampunk. Mind that in comparison to European and American rooms those in Moscow are designed for 2-4 players (as a rule) and you take part with your personal team without any random people. 

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Escape rooms in Moscow first appeared by the end of 2013 and immediately raised a giant wave of popularity. In 2014 and 2015 there was a live escaping boom which covered not only Moscow but also Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk and other large and small cities of Russia.

Today there are around 800 rooms or quests in reality as they are called in Russia and this is more than in any other city of the world!

Playing escape games in Moscow can not only be great fun but also widen your knowledge. In particular games like "1941: battle for Moscow" you’ll plunge into living history and will learn how Russian soldiers felt during the rage of WW2.

You should know that escapes in Moscow are a bit different to rooms in Europe, Asia and USA. The latter are "stuffed" with various riddles and puzzles and it takes enormous efforts of the whole big team to solve them and come out as winners.

On the contrary, in Moscow the focus is on fun. Here you’ll meet amazing decorations and cunning engineering. Searching for keys and finding codes to locks is out-of-date. Every creator is trying to make his room as realistic as possible. Immersion is very important. You can become a hero of your favorite movie or video game, find yourself in circumstances that you’ll never come across in real life. The number of puzzles and tasks is very balanced so that even an unexperienced team can complete the quest in one hour. If you are stuck the game operator will gladly make a hint and direct you to the solution.

There is also a difference in booking. You don’t book tickets but the whole time slot. That means there will be no strangers playing with you.

Quest Adviser wishes you great luck! Keep on escaping!

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